We like to make that clear as soon as possible to avoid awkward situations or comments.

So, Hamburger?

We can explain. It began with the UI element called the “hamburger menu”. That’s the three stacked lines you often see in the upper corner of an app or web page. It’s a simple way to organize a variety of pages, resources, and items into one element. That’s the ease and accessibility, along with a minimal design, that we aim to provide for all of our clients. 

The second reason is that the hamburger is seen as an American staple. It embodies the comfortable and the understood, but people are always pushing the boundaries of what a hamburger is and what it can be. It’s easily one of the most recognizable and customizable food items available. Vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free, people have found ways to cater the simple burger to everyone’s satisfaction. That’s what we aim to do here at Hamburger Creative. We want to provide clients with everything they desire from a creative agency while continuing to push the boundaries of what’s expected. 

With Hamburger, we aim to bring everything you wanted and more to the table.

Our Team

It us.


Director of Things
Just throwing things on a wall to see if they stick. Eventually something does. I’m an anomaly of a creative and opt for an Android/Windows combo. I will not be swayed. 


Director of Stuff
Professional googler just side hustling here until my TikTok career takes off. I’m secretly hoping to convert Britt to an Apple user.

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